New York State Women's History

Farmington Friends Meeting House ...A NYS Women's History Site
Eliz. Cady Lucretia/James Mary/Emily Thomas, Mary Ann, etc. Stanton Mott Edmondson MClintock and others
160 County Route 8 Farmington NY

Type: Meetinghouse

Category/Significance: women's rights; abolitionism; Native American; religion

Site of Genese Y.M. of Friends, walk-out of 200 people, June 1848 who became Cong. Friends; Stanton spoke on Women's Rights at this meeting. Oct. 6, 1848. Mott spoke her annually from 1834 to 1848. Founding meeting of Congregational Friends

NOTES: WORI, Historical Resource Survey, 2006 ...learn more>>

GPS: 43.031695,-77.3210019 Location Map

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