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Sarah Read Adamson-Dolley
5 East Main Street Rochester NY 14614

Type: House

Category/Significance: women's rights; suffrage; professions (medicine)

FIRST FEMALE AMERICAN DOCTOR ...Enhanced the lives of both rich and poor women by her example and her work as a physician, by her leadership in women’s organizations, and by her quiet support for women’s rights. In 1872, Dolley was one of the women of the First Ward-- along with Amy Kirby Post, Mary Fish Curtis and Mrs. L.C. Smith -- who registered to vote in the national election. Although she was ultimately not allowed to vote, she was among those who later contributed money to help defray trial costs of the inspectors who had allowed Anthony to vote. Worked with Dr. Anna H. Searing in Rochester.

GPS: 43.1557396,-77.612371 Location Map

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